Welcome 2014, but with innovations

After a few days of holiday rest (for those who were able to), we are now entering the first week of 2014. Many social networks people are talking about what to do with the new yearly goals, how to follow them and how to achieve the objectives.

There are cases that these objectives are just staying healthy and alive. I am referring to those people who write a goal goes beyond writing and much more with their personal health. For those people, hope is the last thing to lose, and now there are new and many tools to easier the challenges.

For the Foundation for Social Innovation’ team, this year will be focused on solving current and new challenges through innovation, modernization and the use of technology. We will contribute to hospitals, local, regional and Federal Governments in helping them to make these leapfrog changes that today will look futuristic, but with the objective to help hundreds or thousands of those citizens and patients, to have better control of their conditions or needs, and be able to have a much pleasant and comfortable life.

We hope to be able to share these new and innovative technologies and solutions as soon as possible, so working together we can convince managers and leaders that embracing changes are more beneficial for a better quality of life.


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