Healthcare and Cloud

I came across with an interesting article about a study commissioned by DELL about the use of the Cloud services in Healthcare organizations. Some numbers:

  • 43% are using a private cloud
  • 43% are using a hybrid cloud solution
  • 3% are not planning to leverage cloud solutions

Where all this is going? Well, for many years, healthcare and technology were two words that will not have very good conciliation and across the world, healthcare is considered a technology laggard. Not anymore.

And that is good news. Although we patients are still not seeing all the benefits, they will come. I would love to have a one view of my record no matter if I have to change doctors, visit specialist or need it during my travels.

Concern about security? I am more concern about my health and the information needs to be ready when the doctors or I needed. There are great improvement in security of information transfer over the internet (see research from Griffith University, Australia) that will enhance data security over long distances.

Changes are inevitable and we will see more and more of this. And if you follow CES 2015, you will see more health wearable devices for better outcomes and that data will be in the cloud.

Sounds interesting? Send me your comments and what you think about your health data in the cloud.

More news:


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