As we enter in a new year, we all make our yearly resolutions and commitments and enter in full speed into adopting, and adapting, to those resolutions. Of course, many of us will drop them as weeks pass and we go back to our “every day” life.

One of the questions I always have is why we, humans, forget so easy? Thinking well to this question, I realized that we tend to forget to things that did not cause a permanent “mark” in our life and move on to the next whatever.

The case I want to make is that we have to commit to what is important to our life, love ones, job, etc. but in harmony with the rest of what we do.

With that in mind, I already have my few resolutions and I am intending to stay true to those resolutions. And one of them is to communicate to you all if I failed to one of them. Maybe the pain of writing will make me stay “on course” for the whole year.

What are you going to do to maintain your resolutions?

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