Why Sign it?

During the last year I found some business partners interested in one or more of our solution offerings. Everything starts well, we coordinated (and had) several alignments call between the teams to understand the solution, a business plan is made, resources are defined, contracts signed, etc.

As you can imagine, expectations grew, teams lined up, they learned and even built the ideal business plan for that market. All the pieces were in place and ready to execute.

A month goes by, two, three and few more and the opportunities that were defined in the business Plan are nowhere to be found. What happened? Well, comments during our frequent conference calls where elusive or simple non-sense. The honeymoon was very short, but the mutual wear is huge.

My recommendation to all of those who want to grow their business and invest in new solutions, services or a new business model, is that if you are not sure or convinced that you will be able to make the necessary investments in resources and time, do not get too excited. Evaluating all possibilities within the initial two weeks is the best option, and then decide whether to go ahead or not, and then follow that pathway. In my case, I’m sure that we will meet again with some other solution and perhaps then, the conditions will be more favorable for companies involved.

We all have objectives and goals to meet. Let’s put our best effort to meet them. You can rely on me for that, but let’s be mindful that time is valuable and is not recoverable. So, if you are not sure you will or can’t commit, why sign it?

What was your experience?

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