Planning your Business Expansion Internationally

Are you ready to expand your business internationally? The thought about is exciting as it also means that you are doing well and ready to grow to the next level.

With the globalization of economies and the blurry frontier lines, the exponential growth that international expansion can bring to the bottom line is enormous. Thus, there is a need to get prepared with the right strategy and the correct value proposition, the team, knowledge of the market and, very importantly, a network of connections.

At Crescienta, we have developed a strategic Business Expansion Framework (BEF) to help companies that would like to expand their business internationally, or regionally or entering a new market segment. Our BEF is designed to include the four highly important aspects of business expansion: Product Marketing, Marketing, Partners and Sales Strategy. These four areas are especially important to consider and a deep dive on each of them to have the clarity, strategy, and execution plan to ensure a fast start and minimize the ups and downs of going after unknown markets. Simply put, we will prepare you with the right strategy and value proposition for a faster ramp up process.

How does this work? We offer a free initial consultation to understand your needs, and if you decide to go ahead, we will engage with a one week or so consultancy (depending of the complexity of your business) which will include pre-work sessions, a two-day on-site Business Expansion Workshop (BEW) with the leadership team to define the steps and expansion plan and then a review of the plan.

Do our BEF works? We have done several workshops for companies who want to expand into Latin America, the US or Europe. And it works! There will be pain process (as with any growth plan) and adjustments, but we can certainly assure you that will reduce your time to market. And that means savings to the bottom line.

Ready for the adventure of global growth? Simply reach to us and we will go over the BEF and BEW with you. We can reduce months of the planning process and prepare your soft-landing a success.

Industries we work: technology, FinTech, Retail, Healthcare, Distribution among others

Please send us an email to Benny Sterental or Flavio Calonge

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