¿And what happens with “take your number”?

In April of 2020, one month after the closure of companies, borders, and confinement began, I published the article “What will happen with the “take your number” way?” where I commented that companies, both public and private, would adopt the appointment model, or pre-scheduling, as the most efficient way to avoid crowds in common areas. Well, what happened?

The “new normal” is here to stay and will challenge our daily operation for the next few years. Companies are looking for business solutions for a comprehensive appointment model and a solution that is simple for customers to use, that adapts and integrates with internal business processes, is scalable and quick to implement.

This pandemic made many companies think about how, in addition to the appointment, to improve and serve their customers more quickly and safely, keeping their staff safe and avoiding being a center of spreading more problems with the infamous #Covid19 #Pandemic. Some of these ideas were developed around thermal cameras and biometric identification for employees and customers appearing to appointments and thus accelerating the entry process, capacity control, and integration with Kairos365SCH platform  (see video) that confirms the person’s arrival at the location as well as notifying the customer service representative of the arrival of their next appointment. After temperature and ID check, the customer will get access to the facilities. All this without having to touch any surface or have contact with other people.

Does it sound like a movie? Well, no, I’ve heard this topic in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and Peru, to name a few countries. This integration of solutions has several objectives, in my opinion, like the avoidance of contagion, the ease and speed of moving people safely within the premises, among others, but it will also bring a new way of operating that will mark the path to efficiency and the best use of professional resources and facilities.

What are you thinking in your organization? If you are evaluating projects of this nature, do not hesitate to contact me as I can guide, advise, accompany and connect with the right companies to make the complete implementation of the solution mentioned above, or make partial implementations that adapt to the needs of each company. The future is closer than you can imagine.

Are you ready?

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